Our service goal is to place Health Information Technology Professionals in strategic positition:

Improve patient safety by reducing medical errors.

Increase health information sharing between providers, laboratories, pharmacies, and patients.

Help patients transition between health care settings. Reduce duplicative and unnecessary testing.

Increase our knowledge and understanding of the clinical, safety, quality, financial, and organizational value and benefits of Health IT. (HIT) 

Employee Candidate Referral Program:

CoL Associates, LLC offers fees to individuals who recommend a colleague or friend who is successfully placed within one of our Organizations/Institutions.

Our firm has discovered that the best source of candidates is our relationships with Health Information Professionals/ or IT Professionals who are currently employed or whom we have worked within the past.

Our Referral Program pays you a excellent fee once a candidate is hired.

Please call us if you have candidates that are looking for positions in HIT /IT in the continental U.S. If you have any questions about our fees and for more details please call 917-710-5399 or e-mail us at Information@CoLassociates.com

Job Board

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